Monday, 25 May 2009

R.I.P 'Marmite' the hamster!!

Hi all!
I've not been blogging lately as I've been manically busy with commissions. I've just done some work for Leann Chivers, who will be on Ideal World tonight from 9pm using some of my samples. I've also been doing lots of projects & samples for Crafter's Companion and I had a C.C stand at last week's Great South Stamp show in Worthing. Hi to all of you who stopped by & said hello- we were very warmly recieved and I had a lovely day!!
Anyway, who, you may ask, is Marmite the (ex) hamster?? Well, a very close friend of mine has been having a bit of a hard time lately and ont op of everything else, the family's ageing hamster was on it's last legs. My friend said that she didn't know what to do when it died (She looked pretty horrified when I suggested a burial at sea, via the toilet) so before I'd really thought about what I was saying, I offered to make a coffin!!! My friend was thrilled with this, so I had no choice!! I had intended to make said coffin with time to spare but of course, forgot, so when I got the fateful call to say that Marmite had joined the giant hamster wheel in the sky, I had to get to work PDQ!
Here is the finished coffin- a fitting tribute to a well loved pet!!! (I'm pretty sure that when Sara Davies invented the Top Score & box maker, I don't think hamster coffins would have been on the list of possible projects!!!)


  1. aHH...This is very sweet! Unusual! How thrilled she must have been.
    I can't believe that I didn't see you at Worthing. I had a look at the CC stand and you were next to the SU stand as well weren't you!
    Torn between them!? I said to my friend that I knew someone who did CC samples.... What a shame...we should have been more organised!
    Hope to meet up soon!

  2. This is a very sweet gesture and looks lovely..though the idea does remind me a little of when the vet asked if we wanted an autopsy done on my daughters pet rat...I think he could tell by the look on my face that I didn't!!!
    All our pets [once deceased!!] are buried under trees in the garden and I like to think they're helping the trees grow.

  3. This is lovely and this is exactly what I wanted to see
    Its really great She must have been delighted
    liz x