Monday, 9 February 2009

Another Boo card

In December, my cousin and her new husband spent a few days with us, over from germany on a whistle stop visiting trip. Apart from her parents, my aunt & uncle, the rest of her mums' side of the family are in the UK. I was a bit suprised that she was very concerned about letting my pet cats & dogs on her lap, as she had always been very keen on animals. I ought to have guessed really... she has just phoned me to tell me that the is 15 weeks pregnant! She only found out days before her stay and didn't want to tell anyone at that time. I've made a card to congratulate her on the good news. I won't officially be an auntie, but I'd like to be thought of as one. I think I'd make a good aunt.... a bit mad & always carrying chocolate!!!!


  1. This is a lovely card,Stamperlou, I'm sure she'll love it.

  2. You are quick off the mark with your Boo cards. I have cut a few out. He is gorgeous!
    She is going to be so pleased to get that card! That green is lovely. I'm going to get some of the little outfits next. Did you see the Pirate Set? So cute!