Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My first blog award!

I was kindly awarded this blog by me friend Susie at Sassy Designs By Susie. Thanks, Susie, I think I've just about worked out how to add it to my blog! I'll be passing it on to some others when I've worked out how!!


  1. Hello Lou,
    I am doing well blog hopping lately...
    Fancy bumping into you on here.
    You won't recognise me as pretty pink cards but more for Raspberry Ribbons and bumped into you at the Stamp show
    Hope your ok

    Caroline x

  2. You are very welcome Lou I hope you are well and busy, half term so I know how hectic things can get we must catch up soon, did you see that the artymiss forum is closing for a while.
    Also I wanted to tell you that I have recently changed the name of my blog from Die cut dreams to Sassy Designs by Susie , I didn't realize when I did this that I was causing so much trouble !! Lol
    When I changed the name it obviously (not to me , at first !!) changed the web address so now none of the followers links work , I just wanted to say sorry and all you need to do is un-follow and then click to follow again , I am sorry I promise not to do it again !!
    The new web address to my blog is http://sassydesignsbysusie.blogspot.com/

    Susie xx