Monday, 30 March 2009

Meet Jack!

Well, as if I don't have enough to do today...
my dotty Abysinnian cat, Charlie, deposited this tiny sparrow fledgling in my kitchen this morning. I wondered what the dogs were barking at, so I went to investigate. He was very still and I assumed he was dead. I was about to 'bury him at sea' via the toilet, when his feet moved. A few minutes warming under my jumper and he's looking quite chirpy (excuse the pun...!)
I've mixed up a disgusting concoction from a recipe I found on a website (what DID we do before the internet??) which he's eating and if he survives, I'll make the 20 mile round trip to the bird rescue centre. I've had successes with a baby crow (russell) and a seagull (Atheseus), but neither of these was as tiny and delicate as Jack Sparrow (get it now?).
Hopefully, I'll be able to keep you up to date with his progress, but I really should try & make some cards now!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness..poor little thing.
    Our cats were always leaving presents in the kitchen when I was little.
    Hope he survives!
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    lots of love