Friday, 6 March 2009

Rose Fairy

Well, it's friday night at last! It's not been a bad week, just a bad day. I've been fighting off a migraine most of the day and I have started to feel like I'm finally winning! My son had an activity day at school to support book day so we had lots of 'discussions' this morning as to why I wasn't going to allow him to wear his pyjamas to school (This was one of the options on the list- to go in wearing PJs with your fave bedtime story...) Needless to say, with the thermometer still barely registering above freezing , I didn't think it was a great idea so my lovely hubby suggested dressing as a character from a series of books we're reading him. Well, by the time we had rooted through wardrobes, drawers & dress-up boxes, I nearly threw in the towel & let him go in PJs and freeze to death!!!! Still, we finally managed to make him look vaguely like the boy in the story, so he went to school happy!!
Anyway, back to business. Here is the Rose Fairy from the new series of stamps & CD ROMs being released by Crafters Companion tomorrow on Ideal World and Create & Craft. As I said before, faries aren't usually my 'thing', but I loved working with these stamps. This is another large card, measuring 8x8 inches.

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  1. Hi Lou , sweet card, Love the colour.
    did you notice I have Blog Candy on my blog and its calorie free !!! lol
    Sounds like you had fun this morning with your little one ....Bless him
    Love Susie xx